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March 2023

The Vine

November 2022

Carrier Appreciation Night

This year's Carrier Appreciation dinner will be a Formal "Sneaker Ball"

Home-going Announcement

We deeply regret to announce the passing of Mr. Sammie Jefferson, the Father of Sade Y. Jefferson, Active Carrier, and NALC Branch 11 Union Steward at the Roberto Clemente station.

Home-going Announcement

We deeply regret the passing of Bro. Anthony Jackson, Retired Member from Ravenswood Station.

Home-going Announcement

We deeply regret the passing of Bro. Donald Brumfield, Active Letter Farrier from the Loop Station Section 5.

Illinois Congressional Delegation Letter to PMG

We write with growing concern at the increasing levels of violence and crime experienced by letter carriers around the country.


The USPS signed the Joint Statement on Violence and Behavior in the Workplace with the Postal Unions to commit to providing a workplace where dignity, respect, and fairness are basic human rights


KIERRA COLES BREAK THE CODE OF SILENCE TO PROVIDE INFORMATION Chicago Police Department 911 Det. Joyner or Micetich 312-747-8274 Postal Inspectors Hotline- 877.876.2455 Branch #11-773.624.4209